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Kanota Camp Resort

Infinity Pool

The infinity pool of kanota camp is a venue for relaxation, romance and retreat. The infinity pool also has an attached baby pool. Having a date with the horizon with both shade and sun by your side and the sweet fragrance of rajnigandha and raat ki raani, our pool is a heaven for those who romance nature.

Kanota Camp Resort

Plant life

Supported by an array of climatic conditions, good soil and rich ecological factors, the resort is rich in medicinal plant diversity. Besides our commitment towards nature has led us to plant saplings having immense value.

Kanota Camp Resort

Bird life

A melodious cacophony of various sounds and notes prevail in the camp thanks to the numerous bird species found here. Varied habitat, plenty of trees, water and abundance of food have helped sustain and also increase the diversity of bird life in kanota camp. While it is a treat for ardent bird watcher, the novice too scores a point as these feathured wonders are easy to spot in the kanota lake and also in the landscaped greens of the property. We welcome you to view these amazing feathured fiends of our kanota camp and enjoy their sheer beauty and beautiful songs.